Big Tyre services industry locally and overseas from our factory at 226 North Street in Toowoomba.


1 of 6 autoclaves, Big Tyre’s 4.2m diameter autoclave is used for curing retreaded and repaired tyres.

Big Tyre has a modern factory, located at 226 North Street in Toowoomba, a city of 100,000 people, conveniently located 130 km west of Brisbane on the junction of the Warrego and New England Highways. Toowoomba also lies on the major route north and is a similar distance from the major mining areas to the north and south.

From this location, Big Tyre services the mining industry, typically from the Bowen Basin to the north, to the Hunter Basin in the south; the broad acre farming belt from Emerald in Queensland to Horsham in Victoria and beyond, including Esperance and the south west corner of Western Australia; and exports through the port of Brisbane.

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We Offer

  • Product Quality
  • Product Reliability
  • Product Performance
  • Comprehensive Warranty on our products
  • Local manufacturing and support in Australia
  • Export Service
  • Competitive Pricing