Beginning in 1954 as ‘Vaculug Australia’, Big Tyre has serviced the industry for over 65 years.

Big Tyre's Factory

Big Tyre's Toowoomba based factory has serviced industry for over 65 years.

Since 1992, when engineer and inventor Bruce Louden became Managing Director, the business has grown significantly with major developments in:

  • Retreading large mining tyres (up to 4m diameter)
  • Independently developing the reconditioning of rubber tracks including being awarded a patent for the guide block system, which is used extensively when reconditioning large rubber tracks.
  • Developing very reliable, robust solid wheels for the mining industry, setting new performance and endurance standards
  • Inventing a non-pneumatic, non-solid wheel that has good load and suspension as well as excellent torque capacity. (International patents pending)