Rubber Track Guidance System

Drawing of Big Tyre's guide block system

Big Tyre's patented guide blocks system for rubber tracks

In 2006 Big Tyre's patent for a rubber track guidance system was successfully registered as an Australian patent. It describes a system of guide blocks which are grooved from a continuous block and which aid rubber tracks in staying in position while at work.

Why we developed our own guide block system

Big Tyre's work is primarily reconditioning tyres, tracks & wheels. Where any product fails, we fix it. Consequently when numerous customers brought tracks in to replace blocks we repaired them, but copying the original system didn't work for us either... so we had to redesign the system.

The redesign has been so successful that we have rebuilt hundreds of tracks using this method.

Patent Abstract

The device is a continuous flexible strip with wings and lateral grooves which is adhered to the inside surface of rubber tracks. The system provides lateral support for the track as it rotates around wheels. The system allows the track to resist lateral forces, and thereby prevents the track from coming off the wheels. This system could also be used on conveyor belts.