Spring Suspension Assembly

Drawing of a spring suspension assembly in development at Big Tyre

Rotary spring suspension assembly - international patents.

Big Tyre has international patents for its rotary spring suspension assembly.

This spring suspension assembly addresses several issues with current leaf spring suspension systems. It is designed to be compact allowing it to be used in underground mines and similar environments where restricted space and segmented vehicles make it difficult or impossible to use other suspension systems.

The particular advantage of this system is its ability to be adjusted quickly or automatically to an appropriate stiffness for the load being carried. This adjustment capability allows stiffer suspension to be applied when carrying a heavier load but with the ability to reduce this when empty to improve ride comfort.

Why we developed our own Suspension System

1. To allow the suspension to be easily adjusted (manually or automatically) thus improving vehicle handling for laden versus unladen conditions.

When a vehicle has been fitted with extra strong suspension to enable heavy loads to be carried using conventional leaf-spring suspension, vehicle handling is seriously compromised when unladen as the chassis is too stiff.

2. To provide a compact suspension system for vehicles that do not have sufficient room for conventional systems, such as articulated forklifts used underground. Without it these machines typically have no suspension system whatsoever other than what is transmitted through the tyres.

This product is in development and is not yet available to the public, however we would be interested in discussing it further with OEMs.

Patent Abstract

A spring suspension assembly for a vehicle which has a plurality of spring elements which are attached to an inner carrier and an outer carrier wherein respecitve arrays are oriented in opposing or couteracting orientation and each spring element has a shape corresponding to an arc of a circle characterised in that outer carrier is adapted to be mounted to a vehicle chassis and the inner carrier is moutable to a vehicle axle shaft.