Non-pneumatic, Non-solid Wheel Assembly

Drawing of Big Tyre's non-pneumatic, non-solid wheel assembly

Non-pneumatic, non-solid wheel assembly.

In 2006 Big Tyre filed an international patent for our non-pneumatic, non-solid wheel assembly which has been under development since 2002. This patent was approved in 2012 and was successfully registered internationally. A prototype mining wheel has been created and its successor is currently being designed to handle a 15 tonne working load - a greater load than the strongest pneumatic tyre of the same size. A prototype go kart wheel has also been created as a proof of concept of the wheel at high speed, acceleration and deceleration.

Patent Abstract

A non-pneumatic wheel assembly which has an outer rim assembly, an inner vehicle hub connection member, a compartment located between the outer rim assembly and the inner hub connection member which has a plurality of spring elements wherein at least some of the spring elements are attached to the outer rim assembly and/or the inner hub connection member characterised in that the spring elements are oriented in opposed or counteracting orientations.

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