10-16.5 BKT JUMBO TRAX HD skid steer tyre
Tyre does not include rim or other accessories unless otherwise stated. The image above represents the tread pattern only. Actual proportions will vary with the tyre size.
10-16.5 BKT JUMBO TRAX HD 10 ply tubeless tyre
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Premium tread depth for much higher life on paved road, tarmac and hard surface. Rubber compound provides excellent chip & tear resistance. Best suited for scrap yards, rough concrete surfaces, recycling operations and mines.

Tyre Details
Tyre Size 10-16.5
Brand BKT
Ply Rating 10 Ply
TT/TL Tubeless
Diameter 795mm
Width 268mm
Rolling Circ. 2345mm
Static Load Radius 363mm
Weight 32.8kg
Dimensions are provided based on the manufacturer specifications.
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About the Manufacturer
Name: Balkrishna Industries Limited
Founded: 1987
Facilities: India

Based in India, Balkrishna Industries Limited (BKT) is one of the major manufacturers of specialist tyres for the mining, earthmoving, agriculture and gardening segments. They are currently OEM suppliers to JCB, John Deere and CNH Industrial. BKT tyres are typically good quality and reasonably priced relative to other tyres on the market.