26/12.00-12 NHS Trelleborg T539 turf tyre
Tyre does not include rim or other accessories unless otherwise stated. The image above represents the tread pattern only. Actual proportions will vary with the tyre size.
26/12.00-12 NHS Trelleborg T539 8 ply tyre
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Versatile tyre designed for use in green area, farming, industry or high speed service. Suitable for a range of turf applications including movers, garden tractors, trailers and golf carts.

Tyre Details
Tyre Size 26/12.00-12 NHS
Permitted Rims 10.5
Brand Trelleborg
Pattern T539
Ply Rating8 Ply
Load Index A6
30 km/h
TT/TL Tubeless
Diameter 652 mm
Width 320 mm
Rolling Circ.1931 mm
Weight -
Dimensions are provided based on the manufacturer specifications
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