16.0/70-20 Alliance 317 mpt tyre
Tyre does not include rim or other accessories unless otherwise stated. The image above represents the tread pattern only. Actual proportions will vary with the tyre size.
16.0/70-20 Alliance 317 14 ply tyre
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Designed for applications which require high traction the Alliance 317 is engineered to provide the best performance for on and off road serivces in tough weather conditions. It provides excellent traction to drive wheels and has a strong nylon carcass construction.

Tyre Details
Tyre Size 16.0/70-20
Rec. Rim 13SDC,13
Permitted Rims 13SDC, 13
Brand Alliance
Pattern 317
Ply Rating14 Ply
Diameter 1076 mm
Width 407 mm
Rolling Circ.3200 mm
Tread Depth25.0 mm
Weight 64.7 kg
Dimensions are provided based on the manufacturer specifications
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About the Manufacturer
Name: Alliance Tyre Group
Founded: 1950
Facilities: India & Israel

Based in Mumbai, India the Alliance Tire Company is a manufacturer of tyres for off the road vehicles. They produce tyres for agricultural, multi-purpose and industrial applications. Their mission is to deliver superior value to the customers of all their products through the lowest total cost of ownership.