9.00-16 Deestone D401 tractor tyre
Tyre does not include rim or other accessories unless otherwise stated. The image above represents the tread pattern only. Actual proportions will vary with the tyre size.
9.00-16 Deestone D401 10 ply tube tyre
Product Code
Tyre Details
Tyre Size 9.00-16
Brand Deestone
Pattern D401
TT/TL Tube Tyre
Ply Rating 10 Ply
Industry Code F-2 - Front tractor tyre
General farm work - Grip, Agricultural tri-rib tread
Diameter -
Width -
Tread Depth 25 mm
Weight 21.2 kg
Dimensions are provided based on the manufacturer specifications.
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$312.00 + GST
About the Manufacturer
Name: Deestone Tyres
Founded: 1977

Based in Thailand, Deestone tyres manufacture tyres for passenger cars, industrial applications, forklifts, earthmoving, agricultural and 4WD vehicles. Their focus is on a quality product at a reasonable price and international standard technology.