Rebuilding Foam-Filled Tyres

Being able to retread foam filled tyres substantially increases the return on investment in both the tyre and the foam filling.

Foam-filled tyre relugged for bi-directional grip

Foam-filled mining tyre relugged to provide better traction.

Foam filled tyres may be retreaded numerous times without damaging the foam providing the tyre casing is in reasonably good condition. Big Tyre can also refurbish the rim as part of the retreading process, if necessary.

The pattern shown above also provides better traction than alternative treads available on new treads.

Repairing Foam-Filled Tyres

Big Tyre can repair injuries in foam-filled tyres providing the damage is not severe.

Injury in a foam filled tyre

Injuries in foam filled tyres can be repaired provided the casing is in relatively good condition and the damage is not too severe.

Foam filled tyres may also be repaired by removing a section of the tread to repair the ply from the outside of the tyre before rebuilding the tread over the repaired section. Although foam-filled tyres are capable of withstanding punctures without needing repairs, tyres rely on their casing strength and significant cuts can develop into splits that destroy the tyre if not repaired in time.