With over 20 years experience, Loc Performance are industry leaders in the manufacture of rubber tracks for agricultural machines.

They manufacture some of the toughest tracks on the market, outperforming original fitment tracks, with numerous innovations that set them apart from their competitors.

Fully-Moulded Construction
Best Industry Practice

Trackman® tracks are constructed as a single piece with no joins between the carcass and the lugs or guide blocks. The result is an extremely strong track and more consistent rubber thickness for greater stability and a smoother ride.

50% more wire per ply than competitor tracks makes for a stronger carcass and longer track life.

Patented, galvanized steel cables prevent corrosion and premature weakness if the cables are exposed.

Helically wound cables prevent stretching.

Anti-Vibration Technology (Trackman XP only)

In the Trackman® XP series for Case Quadtrac machines, Trackman's Anti-Vibration Technology and advanced tread design reduces vibration by as much as 50% to 70% compared to a standard track, greatly improving operator comfort.

Best-in-Class Warranty

Loc Performance provide a four year, pro-rated warranty against material and/or workmanship defects for ag applications.

ARMORLUG® Technology for Positive Drive Applications

For positive drive applications, Loc Performance manufactures tracks with their patented ARMORLUG® technology in the drive lugs. Tracks reinforced with ARMORLUG® technology are manufactured with an improved rubber formula in the wheel path and reinforcement fabric which covers the entire drive lug and extends into the wheel path for added drive lug protection. Trackman® XP tracks with ARMORLUG® have been extensively field tested with up to 23% service life improvement over competitor tracks.

ARMORLUG® ULTRA is the first patented drive lug with three fabric layers embedded in the lugs and lasts as much as 30% longer than any other positive-drive track.

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