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New Tracks

Big Tyre is the Australasian distributor for Trackman® & Firestone rubber tracks for agricultural machinery. These premium quality tracks are among the strongest available on the market with industry leading features such as galvanised, corrosion-resistant cables (Trackman) and track edge reinforcement (Firestone).

We have customers doing extremely heavy work from Casino, NSW to Grasspatch in WA that swear these tracks are the best on the market.

Reconditioning or New Tracks?

Comparison Reconditioning New Tracks
Pricing Low Cost
(Compared to new)
Very Competitive
Real Cost
($ per operating hour)
Excellent Very Good
(Heavy Duty)
Availability 3-4 Weeks
(To rebuild)
(Common sizes)
Wear Rate Excellent Excellent
Warranty 3 Years 4 Years
Lug Pattern Customizable Standard
Lug Size Heavy Duty Standard or Heavy Duty

Track Reconditioning

Reconditioning is an excellent alternative to buying new tracks providing your belt is in reasonably good condition. Even when replacing the guide blocks as well as the tread the cost is close to half the price of new tracks.

Our reconditioned tracks provide:

  • Significant savings over new
  • Similar life to the original tread
  • Customizable lug pattern & rubber compound

Big Tyre has reconditioned over 900 tracks since independently developing the process in 1997. We offer a 3 year guarantee on our workmanship and materials.

Guide Block Replacement

The guide blocks on the inside of Caterpillar and John Deere tracks may be replaced using our patented guide block system.

Our block system features a continuous base with smaller gaps between the blocks making them harder to tear off than the originals.

Secondhand Tracks

Big Tyre keeps a limited stock of secondhand tracks for Challenger, John Deere & Case tractors.

Drive & Idler Wheels

Drive wheels & front idler wheels are rebuilt at our factory in Toowoomba with significant savings compared to buying new.

Service exchange is available on selected rims to reduce downtime.

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Mid Rollers

Big Tyre rebuilds mid rollers for Cat, AGCO, John Deere & Case tractors.

These highly loaded wheels have been problematic, but with our developments over the last 2 years we now offer better than new warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How good do tracks need to be for reconditioning?

It is important when relugging tracks that the belt itself is in sound condition. Both the lugs and the guide blocks can be repaired if necessary. Torn edges can also be repaired.

What if the steel mesh is showing on top of the track?

We can successfully adhere rubber to steel. When we relug a track, we add a 6-8mm thick layer of rubber to the track's entire upper surface then build the lugs on top of this layer. The layer more than replaces the amount of rubber worn off and provides on-going protection of the track.

What if the cables are exposed or broken?

We can adhere rubber to the steel cables. As these cables provide the track strength it is imperative that repairs to seal the cables from the elements are carried out as soon as possible.

If a small number (up to 4) of the cables are broken, these can be repaired without any noticeable decrease in the strength of the track.

What if the guide blocks are falling off?

We can replace guide blocks on Caterpillar, AGCO & John Deere tractors with our patented block system.

Do you recondition excavator tracks?

No. We do not recondition tracks for excavators or skidsteers.