Increasing TKPH by removing excess tread

Big Tyre buffs hundreds of new tyres to reduce tyre failures related to having excess tread depth.

Buffed 29.5R25 OTR Tyre

29.5R25 tyre buffed by Big Tyre to reduce tread depth

OTR tyre failures are often related to having excess tread depth for the load/speed conditions at the mine. This results in heat being generated faster than it is being dissipated resulting in premature failure by separation of the layers within the tyre casing.

Where tyres fail by case separation prior to the tread being worn out, replacement tyres should have the tread depth reduced prior to fitting to avoid this wastage from occurring again. Big Tyre buffs hundreds of new tyres to satisfy this need.

One of our clients was losing loader tyres from case separation after only 12 months of use, with 85% of the tread remaining.

By buffing 50% of the tread off prior to fitting, these tyres consistently last 3 years until they wear out.

Buffed 29.5R25 OTR tyres

29.5R25 tyres buffed by Big Tyre to make them suitable for chain fitment

Buffing for Chain Fitment

Big Tyre regularly buffs OTR tyres to make them suitable for fitting with tyre protection chains.

We also supply a range of premium quality RUD ERLAU tyre protection chains.

Rubber Dust

We can supply rubber crumb produced as a result of our buffing process.

This rubber dust is available for purchase both in small quantities and in bulk.
We offer per kg pricing on quantities over 40kg.

Rubber dust is a versatile material with a range of applications. We can supply a binding agent suitable for use in making rubber matting and other products if needed.