After more than 25 years of continually enhancing the quality and performance of our wheels, Big Tyre is now the preferred supplier to Australia's principal OEM companies as well as Equipment Hire companies.

Solid wheel manufactured by Big Tyre

Solid wheel manufactured by Big Tyre

Big Tyre has developed a high quality bonding technique for adhering rubber to steel which is crucial for providing wheels that can be relied on to perform well for years in severe working conditions.

To ensure optimum performance in highly abrasive conditions, Big Tyre uses premium grade rubber compounds that have been developed over many years to provide very high cut and abrasion resistance.

2 Year Warranty

The performance of our Solid Wheels is backed with our 2 year pro-rata warranty. An extended warranty option is also available at time of purchase.

Custom Branding

Big Tyre's wheels are sold with their "UGWheel" (UnderGround) label but are also available free of branding or with custom branding.


Our solid mining wheels are used in more than 50 countries around the world.

Frequently Manufactured Wheels

We frequently manufacture solid wheels for the following machines:

  • Caterpillar SH660 Roof Support Carriers
  • Caterpillar SH640 Roof Support Carriers
  • Caterpillar SH150 Chock Trailers
  • Sandvik TS490 Underground Shield Haulers
  • Sandvik ED40 LHDs
  • Bucyrus FBL55 Roof Support Carriers
  • Bucyrus MH40 Roof Support Carriers
  • Eimco 936 LHD

Big Tyre also designs and manufactures solid wheels specifically to suit customers' equipment.

Service Exchange

Limited stocks of service exchange wheels are available for the following machines:

  • Bucyrus FBL55 Roof Support Carriers
  • Bucyrus MH40 Roof Support Carriers
  • Sandvik 50 tonne trailer
  • Eimco 936 LHD
  • 37 tonne Chock trailer

Please call if you need solid wheels for other equipment on a service exchange basis.