Big Tyre offers a range of compounds so that retreaded tyres can be tailored to any particular mining site.

OTR tyre with tread

An OTR Tyre retreaded by Big Tyre

By altering various properties of the tyre Big Tyre can retread tyres to suit a particular mining site. By varying rubber compounds heat resistance and cut resistance can be altered. Changing the tread depth can optimise TKPH rating and tyre life. By modifiying the tread pattern a greater balance of grip, wear resistance and heat resistance can be obtained.

Dual compound treads are available to provide cut-resistant tread on top of a high heat-resistant base to maximise wear whilst preserving tyre life by dissipating heat effectively.

To ensure optimum performance in highly abrasive conditions, Big Tyre uses only premium grade rubber compounds that have been developed over many years to provide very high cut and abrasion resistance. Wear rate should be equivalent to new high quality tyre brands. Where a mine is prepared to trial different rubber compounds in order to optimise performance for their specific conditions, new tyre performance can actually be exceeded with retreads.


Big Tyre has a significant repair facility using both industry standard techniques as well as state-of-the-art techniques.

OTR tyre being repaired

OTR Tyre being repaired

Our state-of-the-art method involves replacing a section of steel cable in radial tyres that would be otherwise unrepairable. This belt replacement allows holes to be repaired that are twice the size of those repaired using the conventional method.

Tyre repairs are guaranteed by our factory for two reasons: To look after our immediate customers' interests and to ensure that Big Tyre is made aware of any failures in the field so that methods can be progressively improved and limitations of existing repair methods established in order to look after future customers' interests.

Sidewall Protection

Some underground mines send their new tyres to us prior to fitting to have an extra 12mm of rubber added to the outer sidewall of the tyres. This is a very economical way of extending tyre life in applications where sidewall injuries are a common cause of failure.


Big Tyre buffs hundreds of new tyres to reduce tyre failures related to having excess tread depth.

Buffed 29.5R25 OTR Tyre

Buffed OTR Tyre

OTR tyre failures are frequently related to having excess tread depth for the load/speed conditions at the mine. This results in heat being generated faster than it is being dissipated resulting in premature failure by separation of layers within the tyre casing. Where tyres fail by case separation prior to the tread being worn out, replacement tyres should have the tread depth reduced prior to fitting to avoid this wastage from occurring again. Big Tyre buffs hundreds of new tyres to satisfy this need.

As an example of this saving, one of our clients was losing loader tyres from casing separation after only 12 months of use, with still 85% of the rubber tread remaining. By buffing 50% of the tread off prior to fitting, these tyres consistently last 3 years until they wear out.