The following are some of the questions we often get asked about rubber tracks.

Do you sell new rubber tracks?

Yes. We can supply high quality Continental Trackman and Firestone tracks at competitive prices for a wide range of agricultural machines.

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How economical is it to recondition tracks?

Rebuilding the tread typically costs 35-45% of the price of new tracks.

Replacing the guide blocks costs around $2,000 for a complete set (approximately 15-20% of the cost of new tracks).

Rebuilding the tread and replacing the guide blocks offers significant savings when done at the same time. The cost to replace the guide blocks is much less if done at the same time as the tread due to savings in production. The total cost is typically around 50-55% of the cost of new tracks.

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How good do the tracks need to be?

It is important when relugging tracks that the belt itself is in sound condition. Both the lugs and the guide blocks can be repaired if necessary. Torn edges can also be repaired.

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What if the steel mesh is showing on the top of the track?

We can successfully adhere rubber to steel. When we relug a track, we add a 6-8mm thick layer of rubber to the track's entire upper surface then build the lugs on top of this layer. The layer more than replaces the amount of rubber worn off and provides on-going protection of the track.

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What if the steel cables on the inside of the track are exposed or broken?

We can adhere rubber to the steel cables. As these cables provide the track strength it is imperative that repairs to seal the cables from the elements are carried out as soon as possible.

If a small number (up to 4) of the cables are broken, these can be repaired without any noticeable decrease in the strength of the track.

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What if the guide blocks are falling off?

We can replace guide blocks, either individually or the whole set. If the blocks are significantly worn, torn or showing signs of lifting we generally recommend replacing the whole set.

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How long does it take?

It generally takes 3-4 weeks. Consequently, it is best or pre-arrange (book in) work if possible and either scehdule track rebuilding during a time when the machine is not busy, or have a spare set of tracks available.

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Is there a guarantee?

We offer a three year guarantee on our work.

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Do you recondition excavator tracks?

No. We do not recondition tracks for excavators or skidsteers.

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