Big Tyre can retread and repair pneumatic and solid forklift, bobcat and other industrial tyres.


Big Tyre can repair, retread & regroove tyres for a wide range of industrial machines including pneumatic and solid tyres for forklifts, bobcats, scissor lifts and floor sweepers.

White Rubber

White rubber is available for retreading black tyres thereby allowing equipment like scissor lifts, floor sweepers & forklifts to be used in areas where tyre marks are not acceptable such as shopping centres and gymnasiums.

Cushion Steel-banded Forklift Tyres

Big Tyre supplies new cushion steel-banded tyres, but can also retread these if not easily or economically sourced.

Container Forklifts

Big Tyre retreads 1800-33, 1800-25, 1600-25 industrial tyres commonly used on container forklifts.

Grooving Industrial Tyres

Big Tyre grooves deep-treaded tyres to make them suitable for applications they were not originally designed for.

Rim Protection

Where rims are frequently damaged by rubbing against concrete walls etc. a rubber buffer can be added to the tyre as shown below.

Tyre with sidewall lug

Tyre with sidewall lug added to protect rim


Custom-built tyres can be made for special applications. For example, high-grip lugs bonded to high-ply aircraft tyres for a bobcat used in a house removal company resulted in 1 puncture in six months compared to an average of 3 per week. Diamond treads are also good for bobcats that are used frequently on lawns, thereby avoiding tearing up the turf.