IF480/95R50 Firestone Radial DT 23 tractor tyre
Tyre does not include rim or other accessories unless otherwise stated. The image above represents the tread pattern only. Actual proportions will vary with the tyre size.
IF480/95R50 Firestone Radial DT 23 tubeless tyre
Product Code
Tyre Details
Tyre Size IF480/95R50
Brand Firestone
Pattern Radial DT 23
TT/TL Tubeless
Industry Code R-1W - Tractor tyre
Moist to wet soil, Deep tread
Load Index 165B
5,150kg at 50 km/h
Load Limits
Max. Load
5150 kg
Diameter 2182 mm
Width 506 mm
Rolling Circ. 6554 mm
Static Load Radius 968 mm
Tread Depth 52 mm
Weight 279 kg
Rev per km 153
Dimensions are provided based on the manufacturer specifications.
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$5,790.00 + GST
About the Manufacturer
Name: Firestone Tyre and Rubber Company
Founded: 1900

The Firestone Tire Company was founded in 1900. It is a major name in off the road vehicles and machinery. Their philosophy is the determination to offer the quality and service it takes to win the race, wherever that race may be. Firestone is also one of the largest producers of rubber tracks for track type tractors.