New Tracks

Big Tyre supplies new, top quality Continental Trackman® and Firestone® rubber tracks for Challenger tractors at competitive prices.

Challenger MT700 Tractor

Big Tyre reconditions tracks and undercarriage for a wide range of Challenger tractors.

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Reconditioning Tracks

We repair and recondition rubber tracks for Challenger tractors. Tracks can be retreaded/relugged and the guide blocks on the inside of the track replaced using our manufacturing process.

Provided the belt is in reasonable condition our retreaded tracks will typically get similar to or better than the life of a new track. Normally costing less than half the price of buying new, retreading is a very economical way of extending the life of your track. We offer a 3 year pro-rata warranty on our workmanship.

It is also very economical to replace the guide blocks on the inside of the track using our patented guide block system. Where the guide blocks need replacing in addition to retreading, we provide a discounted price for the combined work.


We rebuild main drive & idler wheels for Cat Challenger tractors with new rubber. See our tracks page to learn more about reconditioning drive & idler wheels.


We rebuild midrollers in rubber & polyurethane. We also sell new, aftermarket midrollers for a selection of machines.

Why Polyurethane?

For little extra cost our midrollers reconditioned in polyurethane are lasting much longer than those in rubber (both original and reconditioned).

See our tracks section to read more about reconditioning midrollers.

Examples of Reconditioned Midrollers

Challenger midrollers popularly reconditioned by Big Tyre.

Supported Machines

The list below shows popular models we support however we can supply and recondition tracks, undercarriage etc. for most agricultural machines with tracks.

Cat Challenger Series

  • Challenger 35
  • Challenger 45
  • Challenger 55
  • Challenger 65
  • Challenger 75
  • Challenger 85
  • Challenger 95

Challenger MT700 Series

  • Challenger MT735
  • Challenger MT745
  • Challenger MT755
  • Challenger MT765

Challenger MT800 Series

  • Challenger MT835
  • Challenger MT845
  • Challenger MT855
  • Challenger MT865
  • Challenger MT875