Reconditioning tyres is cost effective

Reconditioning is a cheaper alternative to buying new tyres for large or heavily constructed tyres such as OTR tyres, port tyres, tractor tyres or forestry logger tyres. Retreading is very cost effective for foam filled tyres because the foam does not need to be replaced when the tread wears away.

Retreading or relugging is also a viable option where new tyres are not available in the desired pattern.

Diamond tread is ideal for use on golf courses, turf farms and other applications where minimal ground disturbance is required.

Wide range of tread patterns

Patterns are available to suit many applications including:

  • mine sites
  • agricultural
  • forklift & industrial
  • road travel
  • turf (diamond tread)
  • port usage
  • working on sand

By adjusting the tread depth to suit the application tyre life can be extended and tyre failures reduced. It is not uncommon for our retreaded tyres to last up to 30% longer than the original tread.

Premium rubber compounds

Big Tyre uses premium rubber compounds developed to provide high cut and abrasion resistance, resulting in a wear rate similar to high quality new tyres.

Heat resistance and cut resistance can be adjusted by varying the rubber compounds. Dual compound treads are also available which can help to maximise wear while preserving tyre life.

White rubber tread (non-marking)

White rubber is available for retreading black tyres to allow equipment such as scissor lifts, floor sweepers and forklifts to be used in areas where tyre marks are not acceptable, such as shopping centres and gymnasiums.